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The Future Of Your Business Is Mobile

By now most business owners must realize their customers are tied to their mobile devices.  According to Entrepreneur, 2017 came to a close with more than half (56.74 percent) of internet traffic coming from people using mobile devices in comparison to desktop usage (43.26 percent).  Read article. This number is expected to continue to grow therefore it is essential for businesses to gain the attention and connect with audiences at; mobile devices.

The number one 2018 goal for all businesses not only “should be” but “must be” consistent with reaching Mobile Audiences.  Mobile devices are viewed differently than desktops because of smaller screens, therefore, It is important to be able to keep content simple; allowing users to scan and move quickly and seamlessly.  By following these guidelines your business will stand out in the mobile realm.

  1.  First things first.  Anything you convey as important should be the first thing users see.  It is easy to miss things while scrolling on mobile devices, it is easy for your audience to miss important messages.  Mobile users are looking for speed of use, therefore it is vital that all information is clear and concise by keeping messages short and provide a link for details.
  2. Headlines and subheadlines.  Headlines should be meaningful or entertaining (touch an emotional level) and should align with the content.  Use headlines, and subheadlines to make it easy to comprehend the information you wish to share. They should provide important details so that readers can quickly find what matters to them most.
  3. Lists.  Lists make it easier for mobile users to access the information they are looking for. Lists and bullets alleviate the need for lengthy paragraphs and should not be any longer than 3 lines of text.  Use headings and paragraphs for anything longer than 3 lines of text.  The goal is for users to continue clicking so stay away from lengthy paragraphs. Besides, it’s hard to read a lot of print on small mobile devices. Always ensure messages should be distraction free, precise and easy to understand.
  4. Strategical use of audio, video, and images.  Audio video and images are useful for conveying messages. They are perfect for adding dimension to pages laden with text but one must be careful to use it wisely because audio, video, and images add to the amount of scrolling.  It is smart to use these mediums wisely when developing layouts for mobile devices.  Audio video and images must be used wisely and only when they are necessary to convey a message or as a replacement for lengthy text.  An example: Using a video showing the services of a Spa instead of writing a very long description.  By using a video, future clients will gain a better (and more convincing) understanding of perceived benefits visually.
  5. Keep it relevant.  With the advancement in technology, mobile users are pretty impatient. The best way to lose a return user is slow loading pages.  Keep your mobile app and/or website relevant by eliminating extras.  Get rid of anything that is not needed, wanted, or used.  Don’t force mobile users to have to wait for your page to load, then take the time to weed through what is and what isn’t important to them while navigating through irrelevant ads, links, and images.  Keeping it relevant and reap the rewards of an engaged mobile audience that are more likely to share your information with others.

Large companies already realize the power of persuasion and how it relates to consumers.  Every day more and more businesses are revolutionizing how they do business and as a result, designing campaigns around the use of mobile apps and mobile websites.  The return on investment is an increase customer satisfaction and sells.

So how does your mobile presence stack up? Are you focusing on upping your game with optimized mobile apps,  websites, and other online content to gain customer loyalty?  If not, then it is time to stop losing out on opportunities to grow. Contact Reliable Virtual Services, LLC to discover how you can join countless of others that are harnessing the magic of technology.